What can Kranium do for you?

Based on your business requirements, Kranium can customize your TeamConnect installation, implement integrations with third party applications and migrate your legacy data using established best practices.

  • Product Development
    • If you have an idea for a product to develop, but do not have the technical resources to implement it, look no further. Kranium consulting can help you go to market with the highest quality product with a short time to market - all at a reasonable cost to you. 
  • Custom Screen/Rule Development
    • As Chief Architect at Mitratech, Vished led the design of the new and improved TeamConnect 4.x API. Kranium Consulting incorporates all the best practices recommended by Mitratech for rule and screen development to ensure your customizations perform well, are maintainable and easily upgradeable. 
  • Custom Integrations
    • Our experience with helping develop the TeamConnect Web Services API as well as implementation of integrations to Accounts Payable, Single Sign-on and Document Management Systems, makes Kranium Consulting the go-to provider for integration solutions.
  • Developer Training
    • If you have an in-house development team, Kranium consulting can help you quickly get up to speed with performing configurations and customizations using the TeamConnect Enterprise platform and it's APIs.
  • Upgrades/ Data Migration
    • Our experience developing platform features has given us a very strong understanding of the TeamConnect database schema. This knowledge enables Kranium Consulting to excel in upgrades and data migration between TeamConnect versions or from your legacy systems.