Why Kranium?

Kranium’s deep understanding of Mitratech technologies, specifically the TeamConnect Enterprise Platform, give Kranium the edge when it comes to TeamConnect solution design and development.

Our In-depth knowledge of the TeamConnect platform and it's development tools, understanding of both general and TeamConnect-specific software development best practices gives us the the ability to deliver products with low development costs, high quality and in timeframes that meet your needs.

As Chief Architect at Mitratech, the founder, Vished Kumar, was responsible for the design of the 4.0 API. As a result he is intimately familiar with the API, it’s strengths and its shortcomings. With Kranium, you can be assured that your customizations will be reliable, maintainable and most importantly, upgradeable and future proof. 

If reduced ownership costs and increased return on investment are the goals of your business, look no further than Kranium Consulting!